Monday, June 22, 2015

Aircraft Tracking via ADs-B on a Raspberry Pi

Kids are in bed, wife watching TV, so here is my latest:

- installed Dump1090 on a Raspberry Pi
- Raspberry is sitting in the office upstairs, collected ADS-B data over the last days (June 16-22)
- generated 574 MB of data in a CSV file (I need to filter....)
- geo-plotting one day's data shows my reception coverage
- filtering for some Germania flights I was able to plot their tracks
- several records needs to be combined to have flight number, alt, position, heading, speed....

ADS-B Coverage from my home - look at the gap at 4+5 o'clock
Germania Charter flights

Raw data - need to combine several records by Aircraft ID

Cool. And yes, I know you can get all of this on - but where is the fun in that?

Next steps?
Putting the unit into the office, so I get better reception at low altitude.
Better data filtering and data cleanup.
World domination.

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