Sunday, February 14, 2016

ADS-B Data Visualization (separate by Speed/Altitude)

Just playing around with my ADS-B data that is collected in a mySQL database.
Competing a little with someone in Hannover doing the same...

Unfortunately does not allow direct mySQL data feeding, so I have to export to CSV first and then upload. Oh well....

Find below my latest visualizations with cartodb:

All Positions (unfiltered)

This picture nicely shows the reception area of my indoor antenna.
The spike to the Left/West is the windows of my office...
Unfiltered data...a bit busy...

High Altitude = Just passing over....

High Altitude Flights Only (> 12.000 feet)

Low Altitude = Departing or Landing

Low Altitude Flights Only (<= 10.000 feet)

Groundspeed (low speed=green=landing/departing)

I like this visualization....the ground speed clearly shows the flights departing/landing...while the overflights are at higher speed.
Groundspeed (slow=green, fast=red)


More experiment:
  • create KML files for Google Earth with flight-tracks from connected positions
  • create 3D rendering in Blender with the data
  • daily status reports (highest/lowest/fastest/slowest/furthest)

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