Sunday, March 20, 2016

Little Error in my script...remembers too much data.

Remember my approach to store aircraft data (flight number, altitude,...) in an array?
Works well to "remember" such data to complete ADS-B records.

Now I found out that it works a little too well - especially when it remembers the last flightnumber from hours ago. takes quite a few ADS-B blips to update the current flight number. 

What's the impact? You can see it below.... I record 2..3 blips with the old flight number EWG16U from 13:43 when the current flight at 17:29 is now EWG95U. 

I guess I have to improve my script to "forget" this data after a few minutes of having received no blips. Stay posted for new version of my scripts...

Carry-Over of Flight Number

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