Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hamburg Hacker Friday - MotionEyeOS

Many thanks to JörgC for taking the initiative to organize our Friday afternoon get-together.

Here my quick notes, tipps to setup a security camera with Raspberry:

MotionEyeOS - Hardware Recommendations

  • get the Raspi3
  • 8MP cam modules side by side
    (infrared pic on right - without the filter)
    • Wifi already onboard
      (no need to buy a Wifi dongle)
    • more CPU Performance (RPI1 was constantly at 90+% load, RPI3 only 25%)
  • get the new 8MP camera modules (I bought one for day and the InfraRed for night shots)
  • power cord, SD Card, and a suitable case

MotionEyeOS - Basic Installation

  • download image from
    (it makes a difference...e.g. the RPi 3 Image is configured to use the 4 CPU cores)
  • write the Image to SD Card
    On Win10 make sure to launch with admin rights - shift-ctrl-click)
  • connect Raspi with LAN cable first, check IP address on your WLAN router
  • browse to \\ip-address\ and login with user admin (no password)
  • Basic configuration
  • MotionEyeOS configuration
    • Hostname
    • secure user+password (admin + viewer)
    • Wifi credentials
    • Resolution/Framerate (on RPi you can safely go to max Settings)
    • Do not use "automatic brightness" (did not work at all for me...)
    • now properly shut down
  • Now power up without LAN cable (should connect to your wifi, check on your Wifi router)
    • set fixed IP address for your MotionEyeCam
      (caution: LAN and WLAN have different MAC addresses...)
  • Access the recorded pictures/vids via Web-GUI, per FTP or per fileshare (\\ipaddress\)
  • More configuration
    • Email notification
    • upload to Dropbox or Google Drive
    • carefully tweak the sensitivity of the Motion detection...
    • create mask for motion detection (e.g. for trees or other "false triggers")

MotionEyeOS - Advanced Config

MotionEyeOS - Next Steps

  • use GPIO pins to launch actions when motion is detected (siren, LEDs, 1000-W-Laser...)
  • create scripts to automatically download/process the Pictures
  • create script to provide daily digest (with timeline and thumbnails)
  • add InfraRed lighting for better night shots

Further Reference

Good luck and fun with your new toy!

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